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The time has come: the new Sheego collection has finally arrived, and we are excited to announce that these trendy pieces will be available in our online shop starting this Saturday, June 14th at 2 PM!

As always, the best service for our customers!

Not only are we offering Sheego fashion at an extremely attractive price, but we are also proud to inform you that our customers can use the edited Sheego photos (without the model’s head) for their online listings and sales. If you wish to include the photos in your offerings, please register with us. We will forward the customer list to Sheego to prevent unauthorized use.

Are you interested? A great price combined with a comprehensive worry-free package?

Then join us!

Further Highlights

In addition to the new Sheego collection, we have more exciting new arrivals for you, also going online this Saturday at 2 PM. Look forward to a diverse range of fashion highlights that will delight your customers.



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